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The Jewish Radio Mafia: Steak Shapiro

A.K.A.: "The Pit Boss"
From: Boston, Massachussetts
Age: 38 years
Been in Radio: 24 years
Heard On: 790 the Zone, "Mayhem in the A.M."

SPORTY KID: "I was a good Jewish athlete," winks Shapiro. "So I wasn't going to be playing pro sports. I knew my future would either be behind a microphone or negotiating contracts, and being behind a microphone sounded more fun."

THE RUB DOWN: "When I was first let go in Atlanta, I had been here for a year and a half," remembers Steak. "I wanted to stay on the air, so I did an afternoon show from the back of a massage parlor on Cheshire Bridge Road." The now co-owner of 790 the Zone laughs. "It keeps me humble to think about that."

NEUROTIC MUCH?: "I always got the sense of the shoe dropping when you're too comfortable and too arrogant," says Shapiro. "I'm the longest consistently running sports show in Atlanta, and my feeling is that could all go away in a second if you don't appreciate it."

ON BEING JEWISH: "It's a big part for me. I'm very Jewish," says Steak. "We haven’t joined anywhere, but we go to synagogues all around." He pauses, then smiles, something nobody as intimidating as he is should do as much as he does. "I want the Conservative and the Reform listeners."
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