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The Jewish Radio Mafia: Billy Jaffe

A.K.A.: "The Player"
From: Chicago
Age: 36 years
Been in Radio: 8 years
Heard On: 680 The Fan, Calling Thrashers games

FROM THE RINK TO THE RADIO: "I fell into it," remembers the former hockey player of his turn into radio. "The Chicago Blackhawks asked me to be a part of their radio broadcast. They knew I'd played hockey and they needed someone to fill that spot."

ON THE NHL LOCKOUT: "The lockout has been just a no-win situation for everybody. It does go to prove that sports really is a business," sighs the big man. "It's a shame, because this is my passion and I miss it, but I've kept busy."

GEFILTE WITH THAT LOBSTER: "I'm proud of being Jewish, but I can't tell you I'm the most practicing," says Jaffe. "I was bar mitzvahed, but lobster and ribs were two of my favorite meals."

THEY PLAY HOCKEY THERE?: As part of the U.S. team, Jaffe made a trip over to Israel to play in the 1997 World Maccabiah Games. After that year, they never had hockey in the Games again. "I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing," jokes Jaffe. "But the rink was right on the border of Israel and Lebanon."
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