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Monday, April 23, 2007
I am stunned at the one-sidedness in the media surrounding the much-played Alec Baldwin voicemail. The fact that society is immediate to jump on Baldwin's case as some evil monster is proof that men rarely get a fair shake in this country when it comes to divorce.

First, some background: The Baldwin/Kim Basinger divorce is widely regarded in Hollywood as one of the most bitter and venomous of all time. People in the know routinely label it as tops on the list of bad break-ups. Second, along with that is the commonly held opinion that Kim Basinger is a psycho be-yatch. Very few people will tell you anything other than she's out of her mind.

So that brings us to the Baldwin tape where Baldwin's heard raging on his daughter who obviously blew off a pre-arranged time they had set to speak.
You know what I heard when I listened to that tape? I heard a father who obviously had lost control of his temper and said said a couple of things out of emotion in the heat of the moment. And I'd like to ask every single parent reading this if you can honestly say that's NEVER happened to you......I didn't think so.

Baldwin has offered, what I believe to be, a pretty decent apology and explanation on his website. He says, in effect, "Hey, I lost my cool and I'm not proud of it, but how bad is that compared to the behavior of my ex-wife - who has full access to her daughter's voicemail - and has chosen to tape me at my worst moment and release that tape to the world so she can portray me as a monster?" And he couldn't be more right.

Think about what it would look or sound like if any of you with kids were ever taped yelling at them for being a spoiled brat, and then having that video released around the world. What do you think the world would think of you if they saw you during that one moment you were pushed to the edge by your kid and completely lost your cool. Think it'd make you look good?

Basinger is a conniving, selfish, venomous, witch who obviously feels it's more important to make her ex-husband look bad than to keep her family issues involving the custody of her daughter out of the spotlight.

Our system is so incredibly jacked up when it comes to custody and divorce. Ask any divorced man about the equity of his settlement and you'll hear horror stories. It's routine for the woman to end up with the house, cars, and vacation money while the husband is relegated to a one bedroom apartment. The scales are so tipped in the woman's favor when it comes to divorce in our country (which, by the way, is why you're an idiot if you have any net worth and don't think a pre-nup is necessary).

But I digress.

Alec Baldwin is getting raked over the coals because people would rather crucify a guy for doing something every parent has done rather than look at the mean-spirited ugliness of his ex-wife who has made it her life's #1 priority to smear him. She's pathetic, and anybody who saw her gun down Robert Redford in The Natural knows she's bad news.
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