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Wednesday, January 24, 2007
I watched perhaps the most terrifying thing I've ever seen on TV last night. It literally (not figuratively) made me queezy and feel nauseous. I've never seen something on the tube that had such a profoundly uncomfortable effect on me, and I'm not leading up to a Prison Break joke either.

I'm referring to the show "Supernanny", upon which Lisa and I happened to have stumbled. It's that reality show where this child behavior and parenting expert named Jo Frost visits the home of people with out of control children each week and then works with the vermin and their parents to make them each better domestic citizens.

It's certainly possible that the brats on this show are simply the worst of the worst (because it makes good tv) and possibly might not represent most children, but I don't know that I want to take the chance that mine wouldn't come out the same. And while I'm sure these parents did a lot of things wrong, it wasn't clearly apparent to me what exactly those things were. I mean, I don't know jack about parenting (and discipline isn't exactly my wife's strong suit either) so what's to say an offspring of ours is going to be any better than the wild beasts on that show?
I can honestly say after seeing the kids on Supernanny that juries should look at mothers who kill their children with the same compassion they look at abused women who kill their husbands after one-too-many beatings.

Supernanny was my Scared Straight...unfortunately my wife is five months pregnant. Boy, does my timing suck.
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