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Saturday, January 06, 2007
I take my office calendar very seriously. People tend to rush into the hanging of their annual calendar on the wall without realizing they're going to have to live with that theme for an entire year. In the past I've had Springsteen calendars, tropical fish calendars, Thrashers callendars, golf calendars, animal shit calendars, and this past year was a bassett hound calendar (Buster is probably the only thing in my life currently that it is guaranteed to keep me happy every day). Obviously I try to choose my yearly calendar based on things that are near and dear to my heart.

I usually wait till after the first of the year to get my calendar because that's when the stores practically give them away. Still, the theme I choose is something that must make a statement (even though it hangs in a room that only I frequent) so I can only make the purchase if I am in a decent frame of mind.

Anyway, yesterday I went down to Borders and stared at the cornucopia of available calendars on sale. Was this year going to be a NASCAR year, a sleeping cats year, an American quilts year, a Spiderman year, a great composers year, a "24" year, a Greek architecture year, a military vehicles year, a legends of WWF year, a Nelly Fertado year, a heroes of the bible year, or a rare coins year? My head was starting to ache.

I literally stood in front of the rack for 20 minutes trying to decide what would define my year - fortunately they don't make a calendar featuring "unemployment checks from around the world". And I'm so freakin' indecisive (my worst trait by far) that I eventually left emptyhanded. I just couldn't commit to a theme that I'd have to look at on my wall for the next 360 days. I'll try again today. Somebody shoot me.
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