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Tuesday, December 12, 2006
For the record, that Chassidic rabbi in Seattle who threatened to sue the city if they didn't allow him to light an 8 foot menorah next to the Christmas trees inside SeaTac airport is a tool. Unfortunately, as a result of his kvetching, the airport took down all their Christmas trees and now the whole city is pissed at this well-meaning but misguided black-hatter.

The festival of Channukah does require a Jew to light his menorah in a public manner so as to "publicize the 8 day miracle" of the holiday. All this technically means, though, is that you can fulfill your Jewish obligation by placing your menorah in the window of your home so others can see it. Some, however, like to turn the "publicizing" up a notch.. And this is okay EXCEPT when it causes a situation like in Seattle.

Let me drop a little Hebrew on ya. One of the most important tennets of Judaism is what's known as a "Chillul Hashem". Translated, it means "Desecration of G-d", and says it is forbidden for a Jew to do anything that would reflect poorly on Him OR on the Jewish people, in general . So while Rabbi Whateverhisnameis is busy pissing off Seattle so he can light his menorah in the airport, he's also violating a very important piece of Jewish halacha as he's embarrassing most of the rest of us. And I'm gonna guess that by now he's learned that lesson as he's been the subject of every single talk radio show in the country. And you're not forgiven in the US and A until the talk radio shows have decided you are.

But while we're on the subject, a message for my Goyim brothers and sisters: STOP TELLING ME A CHRISTMAS TREE IS SECULAR!!! It's NOT. Any way you slice it, it is a symbol of a particular Christian holiday. You cannot decide it's secular just to support your argument in the Happy Holiday/Merry Christmas Debate. Christmas is not a secular holiday either. Just because there are confused Jews who don't realize that doesn't change it's very definition.

You can't have it both ways. You can't tell me Christmas and Christmas trees are secular but then go apeshit when the cashier at Wal-Mart says Happy Holidays.

We live in a Christian country, and anybody of another faith who doesn't want to acknoledge that is just kidding themselves. Let's call it what it is. A Christmas tree may not be a religious object (like a menorah) but it certainly symbolizes a religious celebration. That's why they're put up at Christmas and not in the middle of June.

I, personally, don't mind Christmas trees put up in public places because we live in a Christian country. What I mind is when you insult my intelligence by trying to convince me that they do not have religious connotation.
posted by Jimmy | 3:22 AM | Link |
"I, personally, don't mind Christmas trees put up in public places because we live in a Christian country."

Really? Last time I checked, the constitution guaranteed a separation of church and state. You want to put your tree/menorah up on your (private) property, God bless you; but please keep it off my public square, where it doesn't belong.
First, the idiot Jews at the Iran this??? What has happened to us??? This is what happens when we step out of the worlds of business and Hollywood. Jimmy, come celebrate in Tel Aviv; you won't have to deal with X-mas here (although you might have to deal with arsim.)
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