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Saturday, December 30, 2006
You know how you'll buy anything in a grocery store when you're hungry? Yesterday I was at Kroger and saw a box of Shake 'N Bake. I've never eaten Shake N Bake because, as a kid, neither my mom nor any of my friends' moms ever made it, but I always thought it looked great from the TV commercials. Crispy breading on the oustide, juicy chicken on the inside. That's exactly what I love! And the picture on the box looks succulent! Way to deprive me of mouth-watering elation, mom.

So I bought it knowing Lisa was going to make chicken for dinner last night and demanded that she not just MAKE the chicken, but that she do a little shaking and baking as well. Her response was an emphatic "No. I can't believe you bought that stuff". So I put my foot down as the man of the house and issued a direct order for "Shake N' Bake chicken for my Friday night Shabbat dinner. This is America and Americans eat Shake N Bake"!

She, naturally, had no recourse when it became a direct order and followed said order dutifully. (By the way, I checked with the people from Kraft foods and it turns out last night's meal was the first time Shake N' Bake has been served outside a double wide).

Anyway, here's my official MEAL REVIEW: Shake 'N Bake tastes like crap.
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