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Monday, December 3, 2007
Six Who Matter
As we do every year, we've discovered six ordinary Jews doing extraordinary things, and we've brought them to you in the hope that it might inspire you as much as it has inspired us.

+ The Super Jew: She leaps tall buildings in a single bound. She volunteers, she leads trips to Israel and Auschwitz, and she donates her bone marrow to complete strangers.

+ The Life Saver: He invented the internal defibrillator to save your heart. Now he invented the Jewish rehab facility to save your soul.

+ The Activist Filmmaker: Her documentary films have tackled such topics as healthcare and the environment. Meet the Jewish, female version of muckracker Michael Moore.

+ The Rescue Clown: When natural disasters strike, most people are content sending money. Not this 35-year-old. He mobilizes a posse of clowns and heads to the tragedy.

+ The Party Girl: Big bashes and gala events have all the markings of a gluttonous culture. But with the help of this New York native, parties can be both gaudy and green.

+ The Multi-Hyphenate: He's a rabbi, a lawyer, an actor, a producer, and was once even a dancer on MTV. Now he's using all those skills to help Jewish youth.
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