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September 2007

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007
Fall TV Preview: Jonathan Prince

This is part of our Fall TV Preview in the Sep/Oct 2007 issue.

I did American Dreams about a nice Catholic family in Philadelphia. Now it's Cubans in Miami," observes Jonathan Prince, whose experience as a writer, producer, and actor, if not his ethnicity, prepare him for his "general contractor" job as showrunner on CBS' new drama Cane. On a set, "It can be the Tower of Babel -- nobody knows how to talk to each other. My years in the SAG, DGA, and WGA make me multi-lingual," explains Prince, a Beverly Hills native who doesn't think the old "write what you know" axiom applies to TV series. "So much of the Jewish experience is about assimilation," he explains. "We're a little too afraid to call attention to ourselves."

That doesn't mean Prince doesn't miss the attention he received as an actor. "I wasn't very good," he admits. But if a part should happen to arise in Cane as, say, the family's CPA? Prince doesn't hesitate. "I'd be there in a heartbeat."

Cane premieres Sep. 25 at 10 PM on CBS.

-- Text by Gerri Miller / Photo by Damian Dovargan/AP.

This is part of our Fall TV Preview in the Sep/Oct 2007 issue.
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