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September 2007

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007
The AJL Mini Hot List: Andy Samberg (Hot hot rod)

This is part of our Mini Hot List in the Sep/Oct 2007 issue.

The shaggy-haired imp known for his dead-on impersonations of such pop culture icons as Prince Harry, Kevin Federline and American Idol's Sanjaya and scathingly funny music video parodies like "Lazy Sunday" and "D**k in a Box" on Saturday Night Live graduated to the big screen this summer in the comedy Hot Rod.

"It was my first movie, and I didn't realize how much work it was," says Samberg, admittedly nervous about stepping out of the ensemble comfort zone to carry a multi-million dollar film. His character Rod Kimble is an Evil Knievel-esque wannabe stuntman who stages a big jump to raise money for the heart transplant that will save his ailing stepfather "so that he can kick his ass."

Samberg had a stunt double, but he "did as many stunts as Paramount's legal department would let me do. If something bad happened they'd have had to stop the whole movie."

Co-starring Isla Fisher, Sissy Spacek, Will Arnett and Ian McShane, Hot Rod is the biggest production yet from Lonely Island, the creative collective composed of Samberg and his junior high school buddies Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer, whose series of popular Internet video shorts led to writing gigs and Samberg's featured player spot on SNL in 2005.

Samberg was promoted to the sketch show's repertory company last year, and the 28-year-old Berkeley, California native is now the heartthrob of the ensemble, whose former flames include Kirsten Dunst. Most recently, he's been linked to Natalie Portman. How's that for a cute Jewish couple?

-- Text by Gerri Miller / Photo by Ellen Matthews

This is part of our Mini Hot List in the Sep/Oct 2007 issue.
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