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Our archives are filled with interesting stories you might have missed. Scratch that. We're sure you read us cover to cover, so it's not that you missed these gems. It's that you can't help reading them again. That's it.

Alright, go ahead. We won't stop you. Feel free to read all you want. And if you'd rather pick up the hard copy you might have missplaced, feel free to contact for information about back issues.

* Please note that issues prior to 2005 are not archived online.
The Features:
  • WOMEN WHO ROCK: Our first ever issue dedicated specially to the female members of the the tribe who make us swoon and swing.
    + OPENING ESSAY: AJL Music Editor Mordechai Shinefield explains why we decided to highlight the best of the best.
    + Sophie Milman / The Jazz Singer: The Russian-Israeli-Canadian Sophie Milman has her eyes set on taking over America. Don't say we didn't warn you.
    + MARISSA NADLER / I AM NOT JOAN BAEZ: Marissa Nadler may not be the folk legend, but she is fast becoming a legend in her own right.
    + REGINA SPEKTOR / FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE: Regina Spektor's music is so original sounding, music theorists are contemplating creating a new genre just for her.
    + NESHAMA CARLEBACH / SOUL SISTER: Neshama Carlebach -- the daughter of the late Shlomo Carlebach -- is continuing her father's legacy and following in his footsteps into the unlikeliest of places.
    + FIVE MORE WOMEN WHO ROCK: Just because we couldn't profile everybody, here are five more to add to your favorite playlist.

  • Kibbitz:
  • TIDBITS | BACK TO BLACK: Jack Black is going to have one busy year in 2008.

  • TIDBITS | The 30 Second Sermon: Rabbi Ezra Cohen tackles Purim in his latest hyper-quick sermon.

  • THE JEWISH PAPARAZZI | Long lost friend: David Schwimmer returns to the limelight with his directorial debut, a romantic comedy about ... a fat guy?

  • ANSWER MAVEN | The Purim Edition: Why Jesus lovers also love Esther, proper celeb etiquette, and basic postal tips.

  • CULINARY CORNER | Conscious Carving: A new movement is hoping to make kosher slaughterhouses live up to ethical standards. But not everyone is drunk with a carnivore's delight.

  • THE VIDEO BOX | 'Lost" and Found: As the hit series returns to TV, the brains behind the show pontificates on crazy plot points and his Jewish upbringing.

  • THE BOOKSHELF | High on God, and High on Drugs: In her new memoir, Reva Mann tackles her tough childhood as the rabbi's daughter and how it led her down the path to drugs and promiscuity.

  • THE BOOKSHELF | Goldberg of the Month: We interview Gary David Goldberg, the creator of Family Ties, about his new memoir.

  • 613 WORDS | SEX AND THE SKULLCAP: Who knew a little piece of fabric could say so much?

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