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Our archives are filled with interesting stories you might have missed. Scratch that. We're sure you read us cover to cover, so it's not that you missed these gems. It's that you can't help reading them again. That's it.

Alright, go ahead. We won't stop you. Feel free to read all you want. And if you'd rather pick up the hard copy you might have missplaced, feel free to contact for information about back issues.

* Please note that issues prior to 2005 are not archived online.
Feature Stories:
  • A Letter from the Editor

  • COVER story | Can You Afford to Be Jewish?: Between the rising costs of Jewish school tuition, JCC membership, and synagogue dues, AJL goes on the money trail to see what some families are doing to cope and what others are doing to fix the high cost of being Jewish.

  • Saved: Angela Himsel made the leap of faith from Christian cult member to Jewish soccer mom. We trek her truly inspirational and wild spiritual journey.

  • Doing Shots With the Gonzo Rabbi: Niles Goldstein has spent time riding horseback through Mongolia, chasing tornadoes, and jumping out of airplanes. So we figured a few shots of gin couldn't hurt the guy. Join us at the bar with the author of Gonzo Judaism.

  • Matzah Communion: You think matzah, you think Passover. Well, start thinking again. Because Jewish companies like Streits are making money during the off-season selling matzah to churches for use as communion wafers. Praise the lord and pass the charoses.

  • Kibbitz:
  • COVERGIRL | Rachel Weisz: The London-born actress makes us want to study Shakespeare or join the British army. And after you see her star turn in The Fountain, you'll be wainting to wrap yourself in the Union Jack as well.

  • ANSWER MAVEN | The Year End Roundup: Our resident expert goes diving into the mailbag and pulls out all the questions she didn't answer for her annual end of the year roundup of ridiculous quandaries.

  • CULINARY CORNER | Taking the plunge: Whales and weddings aren't a combo you usually think of, but we travel under the sea in search of three unique fish-themed places to tie the knot.

  • BOOKS | In search of American heroes: Brad Meltzer isn't your typical novelist. For one thing, he's worked for the CIA. He also counts two former presidents as fans. So we didn't pass up the chance to take him out for an interrogation... er, lunch.

  • THE ESSAYIST | My TiVo thinks I'm a Gentile: Rob Bloom was in love with his TiVo. That is, until it started recording Christian-themed shows without him even asking. What's a Seinfeld-loving Jew to do when his TiVo thinks he's a goy?

  • 613 WORDS | God bless America: The holidays are coming, and in America that means sitting on Santa's lap, unwrapping presents, and drinking lots of eggnog. But we've got a public service announcement courtesy of Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. He'd like you to add one more item to that list: Be more religious.

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