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Our archives are filled with interesting stories you might have missed. Scratch that. We're sure you read us cover to cover, so it's not that you missed these gems. It's that you can't help reading them again. That's it.

Alright, go ahead. We won't stop you. Feel free to read all you want. And if you'd rather pick up the hard copy you might have missplaced, feel free to contact for information about back issues.

* Please note that issues prior to 2005 are not archived online.
  • editor's letter: What drives an Orthodox Jew to go to a professional wrestling event put on by a church to evangelize for Christ?

  • COVER story | an army of some: Jews in America's military face great obstacles. Anti-Semitism, kosher rations, days off for religious holidays, and that's just boot camp. In the armed forces, to be different is no blessing, but the story of America's Jewish soldiers marches on.

  • meet the metrodox: Young, hip, and perennially guilt-ridden, a new wave of Gen-X Jews are walking the fine line between modern and Orthodox.

  • blue suede jews: Memphis has Graceland. Vegas has impersonators. And Israel yes, Israel has the Elvis Inn, a bizarre desert Mecca for Middle East Elvis enthusiasts. It's the Holy Land, people, and the King has risen.

  • the doctor has left the building: Fifteen years ago, Dr. Neil Shulman was famous. Now he's a 60-year-old man with a top hat and pink hair. Inside the wacky world of the guy who inspired Doc Hollywood.

  • i left my shnozze in san francisco: His defining feature too big, our intrepid reporter took the rhinoplasty plunge. And he lives to tell the tale.

  • sects and the city: A female sociology student discovered the hidden world of Hasidic rebels. And she's written a book about it. We took her out to breakfast. And we've written an article about it.

  • princess diaries: A wave of novelized versions of Biblical history have tackled historical Jewish women. But have they succeeded in opening our views of Jewish matriarchs or just turned into the midrashic version of dime store romance novels?

  • here come the canucks, eh: Forget New York, L.A., or even Tel Aviv. The new hotspot for music of a Jewish sort is just across our border — in Canada.

  • oh jewish deli, where art thou?: It defined the Jewish immigrant experience, and it defined it as only a group of Jews could -- in food. Still in the age of McDonald's, microwave meals, and a community less tied to its immigrant roots, has the Jewish deli passed on?

  • kosher versus treyf - the ultimate price test: We've all heard the complaint. Kosher food just costs more... or does it? We decided to take a spin around our local grocery story to find out, and we discovered you can save a pretty penny on a dinner in keeping with kashrut.

  • the ajl style guide: Style questions got you all ferklempt? Relax. Our AJL fashionista has answers for you. This time: Synagogue style, benefit dinner ideas, and the perfect present to bring to a bris.

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