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Our archives are filled with interesting stories you might have missed. Scratch that. We're sure you read us cover to cover, so it's not that you missed these gems. It's that you can't help reading them again. That's it.

Alright, go ahead. We won't stop you. Feel free to read all you want. And if you'd rather pick up the hard copy you might have missplaced, feel free to contact for information about back issues.

* Please note that issues prior to 2005 are not archived online.
  • COVER story | Winter Movie Preview: ‘Tis the season to get ye indoors, and what better way to shake off the chill and drown out the Christmas clamor than by slipping into a darkened movie theater. We’ll help guide you to the Jewish stars on this winter’s silver screens.

  • Sarah Silverman: She's funny and uncouth, thinks Jesus is Magic, and is coming to a theatre near you..

  • Steven Spielberg: The greatest filmmaker of our time tackles the Arab-Israeli conflict.

  • Jack Black: His career has revolved around his comedic talents, but this holiday season we'll see the dramatic beast unleashed when theaters across the nation get a glimpse of King Kong.

  • Amanda Peet: She's gone The Whole Nine Yards and popped into a Woody Allen flick, but now she's serious and involved with the CIA.

  • Zach Braff: He's scrubbed his way into the director's chair, but this holiday he'll be just a little bit chicken.

  • Jon Favreau: He redefined cool in Swingers, made a movie about Santa's Elf, and regularly has Dinner For Five, but now he's headed into outer space, and he's taking a house with him.

  • Mel Brooks: In a year of trials, the consumate funny man gets a last laugh fit for a producer.

  • The Gospel of Shmuley: He's counseled Michael Jackson, debated Larry Flynt, and penned a book called Kosher Sex. A prophetic pundit on cable news, an advocate for those in tragedy stricken areas, and now with his own reality show, some have dubbed Rabbi Shmuley Boteach the Jewish Al Sharpton. Meet the most jaw-dropping rabbi this side of the Mississippi.

  • What We Leave Behind: I converted, not for marriage but for me. Suddenly I was a Jew without a Jewish family, and the holidays are my annual reminder.

  • ESSAY - And the Walls Came Tumbling Down: Judaism is being altered by nimble Internet communities and the open-source values they espouse. Jewish institutions, be afraid. Be very afraid.

  • ENCOUNTER - Through a Mirror, Darkly: He’s Usher’s attorney. He grew up thinking he was Episcopalian. Now, in his spare time, the Jewish entertainment lawyer is chasing a dream: An idea for a screenplay based on the true story of a Russian circus abandoned in Marietta by the mob, the U.S. government, and even the Commies. A wacky and sordid tale, it’s one that can only be told by Cliff Lovette.

  • The Queen of Kosher: Forget Martha Stewart. We have our own domestic diva, and she didn’t just get out of prison either. Meet Susie Fishbein, the phenom who is single-handedly redefining kosher cuisine.

  • Fiddler They Ain't: The Rabbinical School Dropouts and Balkan Beat Box are two Jewish bands that give the word ‘eclectic’ a run for its money.

  • Say Hello to Amy's Amex: Her first book was based on a decade’s worth of answering machine messages. Her second? Twelve years of credit card statements. We figured we’d give the quirky author a break and take her out for breakfast.

  • The AJL Style Guide: Our personal fashionista solves your stylistic conundrums. This issue: Israel vacations, the perfect gift, and how to throw a non-offensive Chrismukkah party.

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