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Our History
Leader Publishing, a small company specializing in niche publishing, founded Atlanta Jewish Life magazine in the spring of 2001. After cultivating the publication for four years, Leader sold the magazine to Genco Media in January 2005. The new owners hoped to take the magazine to the next level with a declared purpose of making it even more relevant and, in their words, transforming it into a "Jewish Rolling Stone." The public took notice, as just a few months later the publication was named the best magazine in Atlanta by Creative Loafing. When Genco took ownership, they realized that Jewish communities all across America would enjoy the innovative national content and cutting-edge design that they were now producing. Indeed, no such Jewish magazine exists on such a level. So, in September 2006, Genco Media officially changed the name and scope of the publication to American Jewish Life magazine.

Our Content
This isn't your grandmother's Jewish publication. It's more like Esquire or GQ grew a beard and donned a yarmulke. We strive to be the best journalistic offering in the Jewish market pairing provocative stories with inspiring and intriguing profiles of Jewish people making a difference. Whether it's a hot Jewish celebrity or a former wrestler turned Orthodox auto mechanic, we've got you covered in the "Where did they find that?" story department. We're quite sure your grandmother would be proud.

Our regular coverage includes book and music reviews, plus author interviews. We also have essays on subjects both serious and light-hearted, compelling profiles of Jewish celebrities, quirky members of the tribe, and other Jews of note, and features on hot trends and provocative issues. Plus you don't want to miss our Answer Maven, food stories, and culture awards.
News & Releases:
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  • Creative Loafing Names AJL the Best Magazine in Atlanta for 2005.
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  • JTA includes AJL in its coverage of the next generation of Jewish publications.
  • As part of JTA's coverage of new Jewish magazines, AJL's editor Benyamin Cohen is quoted in a discussion piece.
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